Myjambiani is the brand that brings together our 4 hotels, all located in the beautiful village of Jambiani. For us, who fell in love with Jambiani many years ago, the most beautiful village in Zanzibar, Jambiani is Zanzibar and Zanzibar is only Jambiani.
This is where we built our 4 hotels, all thought and designed by the hand of the Italian designer and our partner, Sandro Gurioli.
All of them have only one goal in mind, that of making our guests live not only a fantastic holiday, but a real African experience in the most beautiful place in Zanzibar, and at the same time make you feel at home.

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Myjambiani has offer for all needs, from the luxurious Uzuri Villa to a brand new Glamping: La Luna Suite Apartments, the first example of its kind in Zanzibar, built following the criteria of green building.
Moving to the stylish, young and dynamic The Loop Beach Resort to finish at the wonderful Mwezi Boutique Resort in perfect Swahili style, with its rough colored lime plaster and makuti roofs, but also with the works of young Tanzanian artists on the walls of the rooms and the social area, a perfect mix of tradition and modernity.
We are very proud of our hotels, because as we like to say
"Our hotels are simply cool as our guest".

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